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We are now offering in studio private classes for individuals or groups of up to 24. Looking to get back into a routine, but not ready to join the public yet? This is a great way to get your squad together for an event or maybe even a weekly basis. Hold each other accountable, find social time together, create and crush goals together, and pick from a variety of classes: yoga, barre, fitness, TRX, or aerial. Rates vary slightly by instructor,class (TRX and Aerial are more), and the size of your group. If you want to customize your experience and make it a party (bachelorette/birthday) and hang out in our lobby after and bring your own food and drinks we can help with that too. Additional time beyond the first hour is booked at private/group rate in half hour increments.


Private (1 on 1) starting at $65

2 people $80

3-4 people $100

5-24 people $115-225

Rates vary by class type, instructor, and number of attendees. Contact the studio for rates and availability.

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